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Kormada is a wild horse forum-based roleplay (RPG) created in August of 2006. It takes place on the planet Kormada in another galaxy far from Earth. Most users roleplay horses, but non-equine characters are also allowed, so long as they are distinctly non-humanoid. It is ideal for roleplayers both new and experienced.


At its most basic level, Kormada's plotlines are sci-fi based and focus on animal vs. nature. There are some supernatural elements and characters including Scarbearers, Scarmakers, Sempiternals, and the wyvern deity, Kestrel. Characters may not possess any sort of superpowers or color hues not seen in Earth's horses.

History of the Site Edit

Kormada was first established in August of 2006 by Topographic as a play-by-post equine roleplay game. It was based off of blurbs written for four fictional equine characters in 2005. The blurbs were posted at Horsefeathers775's Yahoo Geocities site. Horsefeathers775 was Topographic's original username. The site and the blurbs were lost when Geocities closed down several years later. The characters were Hovan, of The Stills, Sytor, of The Faults, Alarabi, of The Vaporous Eye and _______ of Ashen. These names were later used as both characters on the site and territories on the continents.

The site was initially hosted at Version 4 was opened at utilizing boards2go forums, but the community pushed for a return to Invisionfree, which occurred. In 2010, the Invisionfree site became overloaded with spambots and the site was moved again, this time to the upgraded version of Invisionfree, Zetaboards. The board remains hosted with Zetaboards today.

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Topographic is in the process of writing the first of a series of 5 books utilizing the general Kormadian plotline. She eventually plans to create a spinoff series if the first books are successful.

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